A Simple Truth By Sudo

A Simple Truth By Sudo
A Simple Truth By Sudo

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Production description

A Simple Truth By Sudo 

 Buddhist wisdom meets Magic.

What do you tell a person who's having a bad day?

Most of the time there's very little we can actually do or say to improve their situation and make them feel better. Well, now you have the perfect response.

A Simple Truth will genuinely bring a smile to their face because it beautifully illustrates a few simple truths that are impossible to disagree with: That tomorrow will be a new day, that truth eventually prevails, and that nothing lasts forever - for better or for worse.

This genuinely heart-warming effect not only wonderfully illustrates these truths, but proves it - using an actual Buddhist teaching fused with an elegant bit of Magic that the participant performs on themselves in their own hands!

But you don't have to save this effect for when someone's having a rough time. You can do this for anyone at any time and it's still going to make them go warm and fuzzy inside and experience an additional moment of wonder as well.

This is 100% impromptu and uses any deck of cards - the deck doesn't even have to be complete. There's no set-ups involved and no sleights are required because the effect is completely self-working and the participant performs it on themselves. The handling is elegantly simple and direct and there's nothing confusing for the participant to do.

Some comments from the Magic cafe:
"Question: When is a card trick not a card trick? 
Answer: When scripted and choreographed by Sudo Nimh" - Wrayvn

"Great Work Sudo, I love the direction you work takes!" - Matt Pulsar

"Very nice Sudo, thank you for sharing your moment of Zen." - Bill Cushman

"....it is really a beautiful crafted piece of meaningful narrative using playing cards as a meditative tool." - Pablo Amira

"This routine is all about the presentation, which is what all magic should be about. Sudo has once again taken a simple "trick" that can be performed truly impromptu and weaved a meaning with each step of the procedure to create a life lesson for us all. This is gospel magic for Buddhists." - Philemon Vanderbeck

"This is really nice. The trick is simple, but it uses a strong principle to disguise the working and the script elevates it and makes it worthwhile. Math artfully wrapped in Poetry -- that's a Sudo Nimh hallmark." - Tim Cavendish

"This like many of Sudo's routine is like mini theater. It is so engaging and inspiring and enough to change anyone's mood. It's got to put a smile on your participants face with a mixture of the mysticism. I woke up the next day with the theme to Little Orphan Annie playing in my head. The sun will come out tomorrow..." - Dr. Art

"The real magic here is in the script. It is elegant and pure. A pleasure to read and will be even more so to perform. Sudo does a wonderful job of presenting things that flow smoothly and have a sensible story. The effect, while simple, is the perfect enhancement to the story and likewise, the script brings about a beauty and elevation to a simple effect making it something truly magical. Thank you again Sudo!" - Station10

"This is wonderful. Wonderful simple technique, wonderful presentation, wonderful gift. Much good Karma to you. 
It is one of the few tricks I have seen where I want to keep the original presentation." - Doc Willie

"If you want to perform a simple, strong and meaningful effect, then this is an idea effect. Beautiful presentation and simple method. Another winner from Sudo's creative mind. It was fascinating to read how he developed it and how many years it took him." - Shaukat

"Read it, liked it, performed it, loved it, now posting about it! 

This is a beautiful piece of magic, guaranteed to bring a feel-good mood to your performance." - Adrien L.

"It is a simple, elegant procedure accompanied by a lovely presentation. Get it." - Yachanin

"As stated by Sudo in the text there is nothing revolutionary or new method-wise. It is all in the presentation. Sudo mentioned Eugene Burger in his original post and I could not help thinking of Eugene's Gypsy Thread routine as I was reading Sudo's presentation notes. It just screams classy. Something simple and meaningful that the spectators can engage with on an emotional level." - Rik Gazelle

"Once again you have provided us with a beautiful moving script and routine. Your creativeness shines. Thank you so much for providing inspirational material that is solid and touching at the same time." - Ray Bertrand 

"Thank you Sudo, the presentation is what makes this, simply beautiful, a heartwarming timely message for us all! 

It has been said that your presentation/script should be interesting and engaging enough that the audience would still be captured without the magic element, this would be the case here I feel, the presentation and script is intriguing and simple. 

The method and trick is simple, yet fooling Sudo has taken a principle of card magic, that is so simple that the spectator performs it on themselves, yet so counter-intuitive they will have no hope of ever fathoming a method, especially when you layer on the touches that Sudo has, couple that with the engaging presentation and you have yourself a winner. 

Thank you!" -rmorrell

Isn't it time to start showing audiences our softer, gentler, human side - or at least, once in a while? Add A Simple Truth to your Magic today! :)

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