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Production description


1 Introduction

Chapter 1: The Midas Touch
5 One Cup and Coins (Jerry Mentzer): Jerry's version of the original routine by John Murray. A Chop Cup style routine for the Coin Cup, special coin, and three halves. 
11 Sleight of Hand Version: another approach using more advanced sleight of hand.
15 Follow the Leader Coins (Horace Bennett): Dime and Penny "follow" an English Penny & US Half Dollar (uses CS coin)
21 Change for a Penny (Karl Norman): a Penny and silver dollar supposedly transpose, but when spectator looks the penny has grown! It then grows again to a 3" coin.
25 The Jo Pro Coin Box: a basic routine for the Jo Pro Coin Box by Johnson Products. Similar in some ways to the One Cup and Coins prop.
30 Cone Coin: coin vanishes from a paper cone and then reappears from it.
35 Reverse Metamorphosis (Bill Spooner): A half dollar at fingertips changes almost visibly to English Penny and back again. 

39 Chapter 2: From Across the Water
41 Harold Taylor's Rope Routine: a full cut and restored rope routine
50 Sleight of Hand Rope Cut: cut and restored rope with no beforehand preparation
53 Technicolour Dice (Barry Govan): A red and green die transpose several times, change to the same color, and then a large die is produced; with the help of two dice cups (cups are not gimmicked). A two cups and balls routine with dice.
58 Dice Interlude (Barry Govan & Ian Baxter): Two die change color, multiply, and change in size 
62 Bruno's Needle Trick: a bundle of needles magically thread themselves with a chosen color of thread. Includes how to construct the special spool, which was originally a commercial item.
70 Fiedler's Cigarette Through Card: A cigarette is used to burn a hole through a playing card, the hole is 'patched' with a red sticker, and then it heals itself (card is not fully examinable)
75 Balance (Lubor Fiedler): Magician writes the word "balance" on a card, and then leaves the crayon balanced on the card in a way that looks impossible
77 Coins in Plastic Bags (Lubor Fiedler): Spectator places coins in two clear plastic bags and divides them as he wishes. The magician then reveals his two plastic bags prepared beforehand, which predict the spectator's choice.

81 Chapter 3: Playing With Matches
83 Christopher's Match Revisited (Rick Johnsson): a four-phase, impromptu approach to magic with matchbooks. Starts with an idea from Milbourne Christopher.
89 Madcap Matchbox: how to build a version of the Acrobatic Matchbox 
97 Dollar Matches: a dollar is shown and rolled into a tube and matched poured out. The dollar is crumpled into a ball, vanishes, and is found inside the matchbox. 
101 Match Transpo: a box of matches are ignited, but then the burnt matches transpose with a box of good ones.
102 Salt and Matches: salt is poured into a handkerchief where they change into match sticks. The salt is found inside the matchbox.

107 Chapter 4: Paddles
109 The Paddle Move: described in detail
114 Mini Magna Paddle: a mini-penny is seen on both sides of a paddle, then it changes to a regular sized penny. The penny is removed from the paddle and it changes to a giant penny. Description of a commercial product by Tannen's.
117 Stampaddle: utilizes two paddles (one gimmicked), and some letter stamps. Another commercial product (that you could make yourself with a bit of woodwork) from Tannen's.
121 Coin Paddle: uses a specially made (and gimmicked) two ended paddle and appropriate coins. 
126 Knives: a routine for the color changing knives; two regular knives of contrasting color and the gimmicked knife. Follows the "Enardoe" pattern, but includes a nice flip color change and ends with both knives examinable.

135 Chapter 5: Misc
137 The Die and Box: Several effects with a specially constructed Die Box - Die Thru Hand; Die Thru Handkerchief; Visible Die Thru Handkerchief; Chink-A-Chink
146 Bottoms Out (Ron Zollweg): The bottom of a glass is broken off and then restored. Great as an "impromptu" looking stunt
149 Psychic Six: Performer names the color of a chip he will remove before he removes it; then predicts the color a spectator will choose
152 George Weisenel's Famous Splinter From the Hand: a clever stunt a bit on the 'bizarre' side. A long 'splinter' like a horsehair is pulled from the magician's hand.
155 Cut and Restored Ribbon: a ribbon is folded inside a card, the two are cut, but the ribbon is unharmed

Over 30 close-up routines!
No Card Tricks!

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