Taboo Treatise by Jerome Finley

Taboo Treatise by Jerome Finley

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Jerome Finley – Taboo Treatise


Jerome Finley




The Taboo Treatise is the most current offering from

visionary mentalism artist, Jerome Finley. From the elitist

price tag to the ‘taboo’ nature of its contents, ‘The

Thousand Dollar Ebook’ promises to make magic and mentalism


What it contains:

‘Koran, Koran’

When Jerome used a disclaimer, this was it. As the title

suggests, this routine is Jerome’s take on Al Koran’s

‘Linking Rings’ presentation with multiple hooks and kickers

at the end.

‘The Grandmother Séance’

A self contained Séance that goes the extra mile to create a

Spiritualist flavored miracle for today’s discerning

audiences. This brilliant showpiece is Jerome’s nod to the

true roots of mentalism.

‘The Winter Tarot’

A simple reading with a powerful message and empowering

‘give away’ at the end.

‘Energetic Touches’

This routine is one of Jerome’s signature pieces and his

approach to the classic ‘Invisible Touch/PK Touches’ effect.

Utilizing multiple methods, layers of deception and phases,

any person is caused to FEEL an invisible caress and

energetic sensation multiple times. Hot and cold touches

from close up and across the room, this routine is unique in

that NO PHYSICAL CONTACT IS EVER MADE! It is also completely

impromptu and uses no gaffs, gimmicks or dual reality. Used

by some of the top performers in our field!


A bold, beautiful and brilliant demonstration of real

Stigmata; based on true events and religious phenomenon! No

gaffs or gimmicks are utilized in this impromptu MIRACLE and

it just doesn’t get stronger or better than this. As with

all the material in this book, use with caution!

‘Q&A Wrap Up’

To be used after your formal Q & A act, this ‘wrap up’

involves the entire audience and gives EVERYONE in

attendance the experience of having a reading created just

for them! The ‘Wrap Up’ can be performed with index cards

and golf pencils or shared completely propless as the cherry

on top of your Q & A performances.

‘Look Ma, No Hands!’

A tough, thought provoking essay regarding propless,

impromptu mentalism and direct mind reading, the criteria

for ‘pure’ effects and a slicing look at contemporary


‘The Meditation’

A guided visualization Jerome incorporates during his

readings, before his séances and ‘Psi-Shows’; used in his

hypnosis programs, PK demonstrations and transformational

training experiences this beautiful and empowering exercise

has a variety of positive uses and effects on a person or


‘Real Magick’

A cherished favorite! ‘Real Magick’ does not rely on

trickery for its effect but on your connection with another

person; a powerful and beautiful moment to be shared as you

see fit and has the potential to alter a person’s life in a

very strong and dramatic fashion.

‘The Curandero Blessing’

Shared in the spirit of South American shamanism and

traditional healing, ‘The CB’ is used to remove negativity,

stress and spiritual maladies from a person’s mind and body.

‘Psychic Surgery’

No gaffs or gimmicks are used in this demonstration of

‘psychic healing’ and the shamanic extraction of negative

energies. Multiple building phases with a natural ‘distant

touch’ effect built in!

‘The Gift’

A group or solo manifestation exercise to be used in a

variety of situations and venues from close up to stage and

lends something extremely special and memorable to your

program while empowering your audience.

‘Protection Bottle’

How to make a magickal charm for protection to be shared

with your clients and sitters.

‘The Himmelsbrief’

‘A Letter from Heaven’ from the ‘Pow-Wow’

Dutch/Pennsylvanian system and tradition of folk magic;

another potent charm/magical object to create and share with

your clients and sitters with the intentions of prote

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included

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