22 by Scott Creasey

22 by Scott Creasey
22 by Scott Creasey

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At the tender age of 22, I ventured into the world of the Psychic Entertainer with my very first Tarot house party.

​It was an unmitigated disaster and it wouldn’t be my last.
I therefore dedicate this book to those intrepid performers who wish to present a Tarot party for paying guests.
Here in print for the first time, you’ll find rants, raves and observations detailing the types of routines to perform, the mindset required and the approach to use when performing mentalism with Tarot cards.
Including sixteen full routines using just the twenty-two major arcana (sometimes called the trump cards) of the Tarot.

Read the reviews below.

“This is a remarkable book of effects using Tarot cards, written by someone who’s been performing them professionally for almost thirty years. All the effects are believable, and involve very little in the way of moves or sleight of hand.

I enjoyed Scott’s short articles in his earlier books, and was delighted he’s included more of his advice and opinions here. “Keeping it Real” is about your persona and what your audience wants. “Responsibility” covers the five responsibilities you need to be aware of as a mentalist and a reader. “Perception of Value” gives valuable advice on charging for your services. The article I found most interesting was “Cold Reading Fact or Fiction.” It covers the misconceptions and false beliefs that most magicians, and quite a few mentalists, have about the art of reading.

Scott has included two valuable bonuses and “Q and A Tarot” is a clear explanation on how Q and A should be done. This alone could be a career for the right person.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of Scott’s earlier books. 22 is full of easy-to-do, commercial effects using the Tarot, and is up to the same high standard as his first two books. I can’t imagine anyone who’s read his other books not wanting to buy this one too.
Richard Webster
“A joy to read, I am not into tarot cards but this is simply amazing, seems you did it again, every routine here is gold, and so is every piece of advice you give.

Really an amazing piece of work, Q&A Tarot is worth the price of the book on its own. Pure gold.”

I believe this is a must-have for whoever is using tarot cards or considering doing so. You have combined simple and proven methods to create experiences (these are, in my opinion, way beyond ‘effects’) that will deeply affect any audience and leave a lasting impression. The simplicity you have managed to achieve is only matched by the power of these routines.

This is what I wish I saw more often. These are designed for the working pro, and will put food on the table And I do believe that at £40 this is a gift...”

Phedon Bilek


“Scott has done something with 22 that not many achieve, straddling the ‘open eye’ and ‘shut eye’ divide.  22 is a wonderful work, I urge anyone who is serious about reading for paying clients to buy the book immediately.

All these effects are conducted using just the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, and if this were a magic dealer review, the term ‘packs small, plays big’ would come to mind. 

Whenever Scott is willing to share his experience, do yourself and everyone you will read for, the huge favour by taking advantage of it.”

Adam Daniel
(Read Adam's full and in depth review here)

"Tarot cards are often mistreated in mainstream magic and mentalism. At best, they are treated as mere props, at worst, with sneering cynicism. Scott, however, clearly respects the cards for the powerful tools they are and approaches using them in mentalism in a refreshing way. This book is full of practical, straightforward effects that are within the reach of most performers.

Many are well tailored for psychic parties where the focus should be more on the participants than the performer.

If you are interested in adding some solid and powerful routines with Tarot cards to your repertoire, I highly recommend you check out this book!"

Matt Packard
(Listen to Matt's pod-cast interview with Scott here)


"I am loving this book.
I don't like to pick out just one item...but Tarot Q and A is a touch of genius.
I present mediumship demonstrations...this would be a lovely way to finish the demonstration.
Wow...just wow.
I am going to work.on this and craft it to suit my own work.
Thank you so much for sharing this"

David Lees


"Really enjoying 22, as usual with Scott's work very well thought out and for your participants intriguing effects that should have them talking about you for years to come.  22 is truly for me one of my best ever buys."

Ewen Wilson


"As with all of the books and videos of Scott's I have read or watched, the quality of the thinking in 22 is impressive.
Indexed Tarot (pages 45 -52) is a fantastic routine with multiple methods and multiple layers of deception at play.
Pure genius!"



"The material is excellent and the advice segments/essays are totally on point. I can't recommend this enough if you are wanting to get into readings."

David Numen

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