Free Will Deluxe by Deddy Cobuzier (Gimmick Not Included)

Free Will Deluxe by Deddy Cobuzier (Gimmick Not Included)

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"Deddy's Free Will is an all-time classic and this new Deluxe set from Penguin makes it even better! The props are beautiful, the method is (still) bullet-proof and the effect is a serious fooler. And it's super-easy to perform: no sleights and no switches. Whether you are a pro or a hobbyist, this can go into your EDC immediately." - Mark Elsdon
"Deddy’s ‘Free Will’ is a modern day classic that has inspired a whole generation of mentalists, myself included!" - Michael Murray
"This is new, original and brilliant. Regardless of your persona, this will work in almost any act. 5 stars." - Marc Salem
"You don’t have free will to choose to buy or not. You must buy it! A modern classic which is simple and direct. Exactly the way I like the material I use with my performances." - Lior Manor
"Free Will by Deddy Corbuzier is an amazing piece of Mentalism. A prediction, visible at all times, forecasts exactly what choices an audience member will make. Everything about the performing piece is totally above board and the ending comes as a complete shock to the audience. There are no false moves; all the props are left on the table and not a single aspect of the routine looks suspicious. It must be good as so many inventors put out their own variations. Frankly, the original is in my opinion, the best. It is straight-forward, uncluttered and achieves the maximum effect possible. I am really pleased that Penguin Magic is releasing a new offering of this wonderful effect. The props are top notch, it comes with a excellent teaching video (this is so important) and even the packaging is new. My advice to you is to get this! Learn it thoroughly and then get ready to shock any audience, anytime!" - Richard Osterlind
One of the most influential pieces of mentalism in the modern age is back with gorgeous, heavy coins that will last a lifetime, world-class instructions, and a beautiful prediction that makes this one of the most convincing predictions you will ever perform. Your audience’s illusion of choice will be under your complete control when you perform Free Will Deluxe by Deddy Cobuzier.
Here’s what happens:
You reveal three metal coins and a prediction out of a velvet bag. The coins have a star, a square, and a triangle on one side and an Egyptian-inspired design on the back. Your spectator makes all the choices. They choose one token to go in the bag, one token for them to hang onto, and one token for you to hold. When the prediction is revealed, it perfectly matches every single prediction the spectator makes. The best part? Everything is examinable.
Free Will Deluxe is a modern approach to Deddy Cobuzier’s Free Will effect. Now with enamel embossed metal tokens and a gorgeous pre-printed prediction, this effect is at home in any environment. It carries with it a gravitas that adds to the power of this amazing effect. In addition to the magnificent props, you get a tutorial featuring Nick Locapo and all of his painstaking research into this effect. You’ll learn one of the secrets that turned modern mentalism on its head and some of its most treasured mysteries. This is miracle-level mentalism that is easy enough for a beginner but powerful enough for a pro. Give your predictions more power than ever with Free Will Deluxe by Deddy Cobuzier from Penguin Magic.

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