Pretty Penny by Michael John (Instant Download)

Pretty Penny by Michael John (Instant Download)

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Production description

Pretty Penny by Michael John (Instant Download)

The best coin in bottle ever, and one of the biggest magic discoveries of the century. VISUALLY melt a coin into a bottle and IMMEDIATELY GIVE IT AWAY as an impossible souvenir!

"A very clever piece that I’m excited to perform" - David Blaine

"It’s an actual masterpiece. The more time I spend with it, the more I realize what a big step forward this is. Way to go. A brilliant, magnificent piece from a brilliant magician & magic creator - what a mic drop of an entrance into the world of magic creators. This is one of those rare pieces where the method is as amazing as the effect. And the effect is perfect. What an absolute treasure. I’ve been involved in magic for most of my life and I can’t remember being this excited about a trick for a long, long time. Thank you Michael for making this." - Nate Staniforth

"A brilliant, breakthrough new method for coin in bottle, which was virtually impossible to do because all of the ‘cool’ methods have already been discovered, but you did indeed create something cool and new here! A truly improbable discovery - the perfect impossible moment everyone’s looking for. The magic world thanks you!" - Paul Harris

"An incredible coin in bottle. This piece has a lot of value in it. Getting the coin in the bottle with your method is genius, but the other part that is genius is your melting through handling. We are just as excited about it. You’ve replaced the folding coin." - Doug McKenzie

"I'm fooled. I think it's extraordinary. Really, really special and I think the marketplace will LOVE this. For now, I’ll bask in the glory of just being amazed." - Joshua Jay

"Mind blowing! The greatest magic trick I think I’ve ever seen." - Bobby Motta

"Looks good - Very nice! Congratulations my friend." - Banachek

"Hell yeah, you’re killing it - looks great!" - Eric Ross

"Very nice optics! Good work!" - Brad Christian

"I’ve seen Michael trying to come up with his own contribution to the coin-in-bottle plot he loves for YEARS. Not an easy task with all the versions already out there. When he sent me a video of a coin SLOWLY penetrating a glass bottle, I went “OMG, he finally did it”. Pretty Penny Principle is more than pretty, it’s gorgeous!" - Johannes the Dreamer, the creator of Breakthrough

"Not just an impossibly visual coin in bottle without gimmicks, but multiple methods and presentations to fit any performance style! The time, thought, experience and creativity that Michael John has put into this is abundantly evident. If you have the slightest interest in the coin and bottle effect, Pretty Penny is required learning." - Karl Hein

"Michael John is a good friend. As you know, I have my own version of a coin in bottle that I have been using for over 50 years. This is totally different and quite extraordinary! Actually, Michael gives you a variety of effects starting with a borrowed penny (marked!) that penetrates into a glass beer bottle! It’s a real unprepared bottle and a real, unprepared penny! This is so cool! He also teaches how you can give away the bottle with the coin still in it as a souvenir! What a great effect! The person can take it home and show it off for years. What a great way to advertise yourself! Plus there is more such as having the coin visibly penetrate into the bottom of the bottle while you hold the top with just one hand! And he also showed me how he pulls out a coin that’s already in the bottle right through the side! I am excited because this is all based on a new principle I have never seen before. When you see it, you will agree and wish you had thought of it first! Even though I will continue to use my version in my own shows, I will also be using Michael’s version for certain other special situations. And that’s what this is – SPECIAL!" - Richard Osterlind

"For what it’s worth…You absolutely killed it. You birthed a few modern-day classics!!" - Jonathan Friedman, writer for Paul Harris

"Aside from the lovely visual penetration, MJ had taken the impossible object/give-away concept and made it the most practical, efficient and cost free version imaginable. You can give these bottles away and it’ll cost you pennies .. literally. Easy to prep and easy to do, this is worker material, just terrific!" - Steve Valentine

"This is so good that Michael should have kept this one for himself; I’m glad he didn’t." - Doug McKenzie

Pretty Penny by Michael John is the greatest coin in bottle of all time because it uses borrowed ordinary objects. You read that right. Borrowed coin, borrowed bottle, it does not get better than this

Imagine this. A penny is placed on your palm, an empty bottle is placed on the coin. Not only do you see the coin melt through the glass bottle but you hand out the bottle for examination. It gets better just wait. Not only can they examine the coin and the bottle but the coin is stuck in the bottle forever unless they break it.

As if that was not enough, Pretty Penny by Michael John includes a total of four methods to perform the coin in bottle.

You'll learn the
-Optical Rise
-Quarter Penny
-Penny Push
-Penny Slam

Here's why we love it
-The penetration looks even better in person. The optical rise is a true innovation unlike anything we have ever seen before.
-The coin goes in and the spectator cannot get it out without breaking the bottle.
-All of the props are ordinary and you could perform Pretty Penny with items found at a bar or party you are attending.

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