Malone Meets Marlo by Bill Malone 6 Volume set

Malone Meets Marlo by Bill Malone 6 Volume set

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Production description

Malone Meets Marlo – Six DVD Set – Bill Malone

Volume 1

Bluff Ace Assembly
— A true classic! The Aces assemble from various packets in a leader packet even when covered by a spectator’s hand!

The Homing Card— No matter hard the performer tries, he just can’t seem to throw away the one odd card stopping him from doing the trick!

Repeater Card to Pocket— The spectator’s card travels invisibly to your pocket…three times!

A Simple Ace Routine!— Four Aces are lost in a shuffled deck and found in an impossible way! A fun effect anyone can do!

Have another Sandwich / Bluff Sandwich— A visual card transposition performed right before their eyes! Plus: An instant sandwich that will fool even magicians!

One Hand Ace Cutting (with double surprise) / Aces over Kings— Bill’s combination of two wonderful Marlo ideas!

Collectors / Collect Double— Three selections INSTANTLY appear between the four Kings! Learn two methods for this astounding effect!

A Startling Climax— Using super-sensitive fingertips and a little magic, a spectator’s card changes to another spectator’s card without leaving your sight! You won’t believe it!

A Devilish Miracle— One of Marlo’s all-time favorite creations!

Bluff Call to Colors— The cards rearrange themselves every time you deal! Marlo’s method of Bill Simon’s Call to Colors!

Volume 2

Spectator Cuts and Counts Down to the Aces
— Watch this one close! You will use this!

One-Hand Control— Aces are lost and found using only one hand! Bill’s handling of this hidden gem from The Cardician.

One Shuffle Eddie— Eddie at his best! Four Aces instantly reverse themselves throughout the deck with one shuffle!

Super-Clean Ace Assembly— A very convincing Ace assembly.

Casino Countdown— An apparent mistake turns into a hard-to-believe success!

A Twick as Lovely as a Twee— An idea you probably didn’t know was Marlo’s! Don Alan liked it so much, he put it in his act!

Interlaced Vanish— Three selected cards instantly vanish while trapped between the Kings! Marlo’s handling of this great plot by Paul Harris.

Open Prediction— Bill’s favorite of the Marlo methods.

Elevator Passengers / Penetration— Cards travel up and down through the deck like passengers on an elevator!

Touch Turn Poker— Four Aces magically reverse themselves one at a time then suddenly transform into a Royal Flush!

Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part One— Idea 1

Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part Two— Idea 2

The Vanishing Card— A selected card instantly vanishes from the deck and ends up under the spectator—she is sitting on it!

Miracle Ace Cutting— This one is impressive card control! An absolute brilliant classic from Mr. Marlo.

Volume 3

Finding My Assistants— Spectator finds the four Queens just by cutting the deck.

Spectator Cuts the Aces II and More— The spectator finds the four Aces! A few of Marlo’s many versions are explained.

Push-Thru Failure (with Skinner phase)— Another Marlo effect rarely seen these days!

Th ink-Touch-Turn— A card reverses itself several times and surprisingly changes to the selection! Bill’s great presentation for this classic!

Instant Mental Sandwich— A mentally-selected card appears sandwiched between two cards that were placed on the table before the trick even begins! Featuring Marlo’s Visual Retention Switch.

The Deal Switch— Same as the above with an entirely new method! Marlo loved this and performed it many times!

Gambler Outdone— A quick version that tells a story about who’s better with a deck of cards, a gambler or a magician!

A Sixy Trick— An entertaining card trick with a flurry of magic effects!

A Comedy Classic!— Everybody picked the same card—or so they think! A routine you will love to perform!

Eveready Black Routine— An impossible control for those late-night sessions with the boys!

Open Air Assembly— A version of Open Travelers using just the four Aces and nothing more!

Eight-Card Oil and Water— Black and red cards magically separate every time until the magician causes them to magically mix! Bill’s routine using Marlo ideas from throughout the literature.

Refined Oil and Water— A Dave Solomon routine originally published in the book, Sessions.

Volume 4

Leipzig Would Have Loved This!— Your cards, which start in numerical order, magically rearrange into the order of the spectator’s shuffled cards! A great trick rarely performed these days!

Three-Packet Triumph— The cards are mixed face up and face down only to right themselves with the selected card now being the only one reversed! A variation worth learning!

Logical Faced Triumph— Same as above, and this one will fool laymen and magicians alike!

The Spade Shuffle (Marlo’s Triumph)— A Triumph using real shuffles!

Face-up Aces— Aces inserted face down into the deck magically appear face-up on top! An unpublished Marlo routine shared with only a few of Marlo’s closest friends!

The Unexpected Prediction— The magician proves he knew ahead of time which card would be chosen from a shuffled deck! A real miracle with Marlo’s comedy ending!

Multiple Bluff Rise— Four Aces rise from the deck one at a time with the last one changing mid-air! You will love how magical this looks!

The Ace of Spades Trick— Over and over, no matter which card is selected, it is always the Ace of Spades! An entertaining routine by Bill compiled from some of the many versions by Marlo!

Follow the Leader / Buffaloed— Bill’s take on this fun-to-perform card trick! Cards follow their leader over and over again!!

School for Gamblers— Bill’s combination of Marlo ideas presented as a “how to cheat at cards” class.

Quick Cull Miracle&mdash; The magician finds four of a kind from a shuffled deck, anytime, anywhere!<b

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