Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl 8 Volume set

Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl 8 Volume set

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Production description

Daryl – Encyclopedia of Card Sleights(1-8)


Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights – 8 Volume SET

Highly acclaimed since its release on VHS, magicians have been begging for the Daryl Encyclopedia of Card Sleights to be released on DVD. Wait no longer! Each volume has been carefully chaptered with clear menus to let you jump directly to any sleight or explanation you're looking for!

This 8-volume series is a true encyclopedia that will provide card workers, regardless of their experience level, with all they need to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge base. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about card magic. Rather than how to apply a few moves to a card trick, this series focuses on the technical aspects of card magic and prepares viewers to handles any situation by knowing what secret weapons are available to them. Daryl goes well beyond the mechanical process and you receive the benefits of Daryl's years of experience as one of the best magicians in the world.

Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Vol 1 Contains:

- Introduction

- Playing Card Terms

- Trick Break

- Think Stop

- One Way Backs

- One Way Faces

- Special Cards (Gimmicked)

- Special Cards (Ungimmicked)

- Gimmicked Card Stickers

- Jumbo Gimmicked Cards Technical Terms

- A Block

- Cutting the Deck

- Center Cut

- Scarne Cut

- Multiple Cuts

- Pivot Cut

- Swivel Cut

- Shuffling the Deck

- Overhand Shuffle

- Hindu Shuffle

- Asian Shuffle

- Strip Shuffle

- Rifle Shuffle

- In the Hands Rifle Shuffle

- Squaring the Deck

- Dealing

- FD Reverses the Order

- FU (Stud) Maintains the Order

- Group Deal

- Necktie Deal

- A Set Up (Stack)

- The Break

- The Step

- The Jog

- Spreading the Deck

- To Dribble the Cards

- Palming a Card

- The Control

- The Crimp

- The Force

- The Multiple Lift

- The Switch

- The Change

- The Color Change The Glide

- The Standard Glide

- As a Change

- As a Control

- As a Force (2 methods) The Push Up Touch

- The Side Glide (2 methods)

- As a Glimpse

- As a Multiple Force The Break

- Little Finger Break

- Under the Top Card (2 methods)

- Above the Bottom Card (2 methods) Multiple Buckle

- Pull Down (or Buckle) Force

- A Break from a Spread

- Above Selection (to top)

- Below Selection (to bottom)

- The Riffle Touch

- The Dingle Dent

- The Cardini Spring

- Thumb Break

- Erdnase Break What To Do With A Break

- Double Cut Control to the Top

- Double Cut Control to the Bottom

- Multiple Double Cut Control

- "X" Card(s) Between Each Controlled Card

- Double Cut Stacking the Deck

- Triple Cut Control to the Top

- Triple Cut Control to the Bottom

- Control to a Sm.Number from the Top

- Control to a Sm. Number from the Bottom The Step

- from a Break to a Step

- Put Down and Pick Up the Deck

- From a Step to a Break The Jog

- Out Jog

- In Jog

- Side Jog

- Out Jog Cull

- Duplex Cull (Steranko)

- Break Above Jog

- Break Below Jog

- Injog Double Cut (Steranko)

- Injog Double Cut Glimpse (Sternako)

- Injog Riffle Shuffle Control

- Diagonal Push Through (Steranko)

- Injog Jerry Andrus Method

- The Push Through (Steranko)

- The Thumb Jog (Steranko)

- The Automatic Jog #1


Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Vol 2 Contains:

- Introduction

- The Jog (Continued from Vol 1)

- Automatic Jog #2

- Automatic Jog #3

- The Natural Jog

- The Dribble Control

- The Simon Card Control

- Daryl's First Card Contro

- The Automatic Jog Control (Paul LePaul)

- The Dribble Touch (Daryl) The Crimp

- Bottom Card Crimp

- Single Card Bridge

- One Hand Bottom Crimp (Arthur Buckley)

- Acethetics Crimp (Daryl)

- The Regular Crimp

- The Bridge Location

- Several Methods for Creating the Bridge The Overhand Shuffle

- Overhand Shuffle Technique

- Running Cards

- Milking the Deck

- The Double Milk

- Overhand Shuffle Controls

- Overhand Shuffle with Injog

- Trick Break

- The Clock Trick

- Top Stock Control

- Bottom Stock Control

- The Back & Forth Shuffle Trick Break

- Magician Fooler

- The Divided Deck Shuffles

- The Ireland Shuffle

- The Cyclic Order

- The Greek Shuffle (the Weave)

- The Charlier Shuffle (cyclic control)

- False Overhand Shuffles

- G.W. Hunter Shuffle

- The Optical Shuffle

- The Charlier Shuffle (full deck control) The Hindu Shuffle

- Standard Technique

- Top Stock Control

- Bottom Stock Control

- Full Deck Control The Strip Shuffle

-(Running Cuts)

- Standard Technique

- Top Stock Control (2 methods)

- Bottom Stock Control

- Full Deck Control False Cuts

- Raul Posini False Cut

- Frank Thompson False Cut

- Daryl's Crazy Cut

- Optical False Cut

- Retention of Vision Cut

- The False Swing Cut

Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Vol 3 Contains:

- Introduction

- False Cuts

- Slydini

- Oops!

- Slip Cut

- 1, 2, 3 False Cut

- Erdnase 3 Packet False Table Cut

- Up the Ladder Cut

- Versatile 3 Packet Up the Ladder Riffle Shuffle

- In the Air

- Waterfall/Cascade Finish

- Jerry Andrus Spring Shuffle

- Spring Riffle

- Jack Merlin Shuffle

- Shuffle Sides

- Table Riffle Shuffle

- Closed Riffle Shuffle

- Open Riffle Shuffle

- Controlling Cards with the Riffle Shuffle

- Maintaining the Top & Bottom Card

- In the Hand Riffle Shuffle Glimpse

- Erdnase Touch

- Maintain Divided Deck

- Triumph Shuffle (Dai Vernon)

- Push Through Shuffle The Glimpse/Peek

- Hindu Shuffle Glimpse

- Bubble Peek

- Thumb Count

- Phantom Peek

- During Table Riffle Shuffle

- Bottom Card Buckle Peek

- X-Ray Vision (Arthur Buckley)<br

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