Edward Marlo - The Secret Sessions (Vols. 1 - 5)

Edward Marlo - The Secret Sessions (Vols. 1 - 5)

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Production description

Volume 1 – Card Technique 1 
Various Grips| 
The Bottom Deal 
Second Deal (Take vs. Strike) 
Second Deal (Various Methods) 
The Nashville Second Deal / Ace of Spades Trick 
The Punch Deal 
Ten Hand Poker Deal 
The Minus Bottom 
The Center Deal 
Bottom Deal (Inner Corner Take) 
Bottom Deal (Center Take) 
Bottom Deal Count 
Havana Deal 
One Hand Bottom Deal 
Bottom Deal (Two Finger Take) 
Combination Stud Deal 
Combination Stud Deal 2 
Four Ace Control 
Remote Card Control 
Remote Card Control / Stop Trick 
Remote Control Off the Bottom 
Card Stab / One Hand Bottom Deal 
Card Control / Stab Trick 
Volume 2 – Card Technique 2 
Immediate Bottom Deal 
Erdnase Bottom Deal from Master Grip 
Bottom Deal Exchange 
Riffle Pass 
Tilt Pass 
Table Pass 
Add On Move 
Body Pass 
Spring Dribble Pass 
Wrist Turn Pass 
Tabled Charlier Pass 
Tap End Pass 
Combination Pass 
Bold Table 
Another Pass 
Another Interesting Pass 
Passes (Tabled and Otherwise) 
Tabled Tilt Pass 
Tilt Pass from the Bottom 
Unconventional Passes 
Unconventional Pass (Second Method) 
Fingertip Pass 
Flex Pass 
Story of the Midnight Shift 
Another Pass 
Marlo Pass 
Pass in the Tops 
Stop with Covered Second Deal 
Stop Simulated Placement 
Ace of Spades Trick (Face Up) 
Color Change 
Injog Deal 
The Hit Second Deal 
Volume 3 – Card Technique 3 
Double Undercut Palm 
Double Undercut Palm at the Table 
Center Steal into Right Hand 
Undercut Shuffle Reverse 
Marlo’s Addition from a Bottle Palm 
The Spider Return 
One Hand Palm and Spread 
Emply Palms Palm 
Second Technique 
Bottom Clip Technique 
Bottom Clip Technique 2 
One Cart Steal (Unpublished) 
New Approach Palm 
Top Palm 
Bottom Palm Technique 
Bottom Palm with Multiple Shift 
Palm Replacement 
Palm Replacement (Second Method) 
Palming Top Cards in a Cutting Action 
Top Palm (Second Method) 
Another Top Palm 
Ribbon Spread Palm 
Stud Turn Palm 
Logintudinal Palm from Kabbala 
Misdirection Palm 
Hand Position when Palming 
Veeser Concept 
Fake Olram Count 
Six Card Repeat (No Buckle Count) 
Visual Retention Change 
Poker Deal 
Botop Change 
The Throw Change 
A Card Control 
Switchless Switch 
Deck Switch 
Stand Up Deck Switch 
Another Deck Switch 
Stand Up Deck Switch 2 
Color Change 
Color Change 2 
Color Change with Charlier Pass 
False Shuffles 
Fine Stripout Shuffle 
Add On Move 
olume 4 – Card Routines 
Ace Assembly 
Six Card Repeat (No Buckle Count) 
Poker Deal from The Hierophant 
Four Ace Reversal Routine 
Some History of the Reversal Move 
The Card to Card Case 
Illusion or Reality 
Cards and Rubber Band Trick 
Ace Assembly with Explanation 
Invisible Palm 
Invisible Palm (Streamline Version) 
Homing Card 
Grandfather’s Card Trick 
Out of this World Explanation 
Instant Printing 
The Leaper 
Volume 5 – Non-Card Items 
Coin Vanish with Blu-Tack 
Coin Vanish in Paper 
Coin Production from Hanky 
Linking Rings 
Glass, Bill, and Egg (Discussion Only) 
Okito Coin Box #1 
Okito Coin Box #2 
Inflation Explained 
Marlo on the Gallo Pitch 
Marlo on the Gallo Pitch Explanation 
Reverse Matrix 
Torn & Restored Dollar Bill 
Torn & Restored Dollar Bill Explanation 
Change for a Dollar Bill Gag 
Swizzle Stick Story 
Silver Dollar Trick 
Shuttle Pass Gag

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