Hyper Bent Elation by DARYL

Hyper Bent Elation by DARYL
Hyper Bent Elation by DARYL

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Production description

DARYL'S HBE (Hyper-Bent-Elation) is one of the most perplexing and unique card tricks you can perform. Two cards are selected and signed before being openly cut, folded and passed through "the fourth dimension" where they magically transform into double faced and double backed Hypercards! These impossible cards are then given away as souvenirs to your spectators as evidence of the amazing magical experience they will never forget!

This jaw-dropping effect is absolutely incredible!

Hyper-Bent-Elation comes complete with specially printed poker size Bicycle Rider backed cards (manufactured for us by the U.S. Playing Card Company), detailed Online instructions!

BONUS! You will lean a BONUS one card version of the HBE from Javier Fuenmayor!


"Entourage is fabulous. Gordon has seamlessly melded effect, method, and subtle detail to construct a nearly perfect trick. An instant classic." - John Bannon

"This is one of the great packet tricks. Bravo!" - David Regal

"Gordon's done it again. This kills." - Cyril

"Entourage never fails to captivate and amaze, earning its spot as a top favorite in my repertoire." - Ekaterina

"I love Entourage! I’ve been performing it regularly since I first saw Gordon do it at The Magic Castle!" - Randy Pitchford, Owner Genii Magazine and The Magic Castle 

It’s finally back! After a few years of revision, Gordon Bean is ready to once again release Entourage, perhaps his greatest creation and one of the best-selling packet tricks of all time.

After your spectators name a Queen, they not only find it through the power of their mind—they find out that it’s the only Queen in the packet! This mentalism masterpiece is powerful, direct, and incredibly easy to perform. Wreck your crew when you perform Entourage by Gordon Bean. 

Here’s what happens: 

You introduce a small black envelope and tell your audience that inside is a face-down Queen between two face-up Jokers. All they have to do is name the suit they think it is. Your audience freely names any suit they like. The packet is taken out, and it turns out that four face-down cards are between the Jokers. Your audience points to the three face-down cards they think are not the named Queen, and when you turn over the remaining face-down card, it’s the exact Queen they named. Then, in impossible kicker ending, you—or even the spectators—turn over the other cards to show that they’re Jokers. 

You receive a special set of cards custom-printed by the United States Playing Card Company that does all the work for you. Nick Locapo teaches you step by step how to perform Gordon’s brand-new, improved handling and presentation, as well as explaining clever variations from both himself and others. Genuinely, any queen can be named, and there is no complicated sleight of hand to make this miracle possible. In addition, you receive two extra gimmicks to perform a bonus routine, Psychic Blackjack. From among a mixed packet of jokers hidden from your eyes, you discover a perfect Blackjack hand—and all at the direction of a spectator! It’s a fun and practical variation that uses all the same moves and is especially strong for repeat performances.  

Impress your friends, your crew, and your squad when you start performing Entourage by Gordon Bean.

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