Psycho Spiritual Mentalism by Jerome Finley

Psycho Spiritual Mentalism by Jerome Finley

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Psycho Spiritual Mentalism by Jerome Finley 

"PSM" is a rare collection of never released material showcasing several of my active stage routines, close up effects, in-depth essays, signature methods and pet techniques for blowing minds, creating miracles and changing lives through psychic, spiritual and shamanic performance art and it`s an offering which, as usual, remains very close to my heart and home.

The focus of this book is on public and private readings, hypnosis & CMR, contemporary spiritualism, energy work, ancestral healing traditions and legitimate shamanic techniques for self-healing, positive change and personal empowerment. Of course there`s a great deal of world-class mentalism routines and showpieces taught and discussed in depth throughout the manuscript and if you`ve loved my past work, I guarantee you something exceedingly special, potent and without equal in "Psycho-Spiritual Mentalism!"

A short, partial preview of the contents include:

"PSYCHOME-TRIO" a multi phase demonstration of psychometry and energy work…this piece showcases a powerful group reading technique which allows the performer to reveal specific information such as names, dates, locations, careers, personal changes, challenges, thoughts, dreams, feelings and memories from his or her audience members in spectacular fashion. The routine is ready to go at ANYTIME in your program without advanced preparation, gimmicks or preshow work of any kind.

"SKY GAZING & STAR SCRYING" my system for giving personal and group readings based on star clusters, constellations and celestial bodies. Includes methods for answering specific questions, incorporating cloud busting and nature-based phenomena, "calling" UFO`s into apperance, manifesting shooting stars and more!

"HEALING TOUCHES", a system of energy work based on my signature "Energetic Touches" methods and evolved to unblock, re-align and balance the aura, chakras and meridians of your private clients and public audiences to produce a naturally calming, relaxing, restorative effect upon one`s mind and body. In this piece I`ve tipped multiple unpublished phases of my "ET" and which you`ll want to incorporate immediately.

"BOLT", a pet technique for causing any person to FEEL darts of energy blasting throughout their arms, legs, head and spine. This addition ends with visual proof of the energetic transfer…perfect for close up and stage work!

"SUBTLE INDUCTIONS", a series of verbal and non-verbal techniques for creating instant altered states in your clients for hypnotherapy or during stage hypnosis shows and demonstrations of mind reading. Though I prefer all 3 induction techniques for developing quick states of trance and rapid relaxation, my first and favorite is a purely verbal technique you can learn and use in a matter of minutes.

"THE BIRD TOTEM" – an instant classic from my 1K ebook "The Taboo Treatise", the BIRD TOTEM is re-visited and adapted as a full 10 minute showpiece suitable for both close up work and stage performances…complete with my personal thoughts and "add-ons" to Neal Scryer`s fabulous "The Box of Enlightenment." In this demonstration a bird feather is placed onto a person`s open palm as they`re led through a dynamic visualization sequence in which the feather becomes a fully formed bird in their mind starting with a tangible heartbeat, growing bones, blood, muscles, eyes, a beak (etc) in the process. As the bird totem forms, the participant`s hand slowly begins to lower and drop with the weight of the forming bird spirit. Once "materialized" the totem animal is employed in answering personal questions, conducting dream work, sending telepathic messages and healing energy to friends and family members and more.

"AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC WRITING" is an extraordinary technique for automatic writing that I use regularly for private readings, stage work, dream interpretation, Q&A sessions, experiments in telepathy & mind reading, hypnotic change work and more. Includes my techniques for "audience A.W." and an earth shattering gallery reading finale!

"ASTRAL PROJECTION & REMOTE VIEWING", a simple routine and perfect working example showing exactly how to get the very most out of ALL your mind reading demonstrations using even the most basic methods to produce GIGANTIC effects and garner huge reactions in your performances. Learn to work easy, hit harder and play smarter than ever before!

"NO STRESS Q&A" – My preferred methods for reaching "bulletproof" status on stage are shared here for the first time! This piece alone is worth several times your investment in "PSM", especially if you perform any type of question answering or gallery readings in your showings. This is a full act, it`s totally self-contained and requires nothing more than a notepad and pen. Included are new methods for generating instant readings that make sense, flow beautifully and connect with your audience in a way you`ve never heard before. I`ve also tipped specific sources, resources and materials for deluxe readings and gaining deep insights into the human condition well worth its weight in gold and will enrich your life and those you read for years to come.

And much, much more.

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