Visible by Craig Petty and The 1914

Visible by Craig Petty and The 1914
Visible by Craig Petty and The 1914

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Production description

What if we told you that you haven't even scratched the surface of what's possible with an "Invisible Deck?"

Don't get us wrong. The basic "Invisible Deck" routine, where a freely named card is the only reversed card in a deck of cards, is one of the strongest card magic tricks you can do. But, Craig Petty, believes there is so much more you can do with an "Invisible Deck". It's an incredibly versatile prop with a variety of mind-bending possibilities that have never been fully explored...until now.

Teaming up with The 1914, Craig Petty presents "Visible," a nearly 5-hour masterclass on using the "Invisible Deck" to easily achieve card magic miracles that were previously only attainable with difficult sleight of hand. Whether you want a powerful new routine for your close-up set or are looking for surefire magician foolers, "Visible" has it all.

"I don't think there's a person alive who has put more thought into this classic prop. Visible is not only impressive as hell, but also incredibly inspiring. Symbiotic has already gone directly into my close up set! A real wealth of material with a fresh new approach."Adam Wilber

In addition to receiving TWO brand new Invisible Decks, you'll also get comprehensive tutorials for a variety of different "Invisible Deck" effects for all skill levels.

Craig will show you how easy it is to perform the "Invisible Deck", including explaining his simplified handling with no mental math required. He also provides pragmatic suggestions and solutions to all your questions and concerns.

Get ready to fall in love with the greatest trick deck in the world all over again!

"An expansive, enigmatic, explosion of ideas that leaves you a bit shell shocked!"Lloyd Barnes

"No longer a one-trick pony, this course turns the Invisible Deck from a single trick into a valuable system that you will want to use at every opportunity"Alan Rorrison

"Craig has generated a plethora of strong new effects using this classic tool"Marc Oberon


A phenomenal cards across. Three freely selected cards teleport from the deck to a small packet your spectator is holding. Even expert sleight of hand artists could never do a version this clean. This is a true magician fooler.

Two decks of contrasting colours share a symbiotic relationship. Anything that happens to one deck, instantly happens to the other. So many presentational possibilities.

Celeb Prediction
Your spectator thinks of a celebrity and what they think might be that celebrity's favorite card. Impossibly, you've predicted both ahead of time. In fact, the celebrity's name is found to be written on the chosen card. This is a jaw-dropper.

Invisible Aces
A thought-of card appears in between the four aces your spectator is guarding. You don't even need a full deck in play. This one fries audiences.

Future Self.
A genius time-travel presentation for the classic invisible deck routine which involves hilarious phone calls made to and from your future and present self. Your cell phone will literally ring midway through your performance to tell you the card your spectator will name.

Mate Deck
Two randomly selected cards come together in a deck you never even touch! The hands-off nature of this effect makes it feel like its truly impossible.

A unique take on the "holy grail of magic", this is "any number at any card" instead of "any card at any number." A thought-of number appears written on the back of a thought-of card. They never even name their card out loud!

Condition Transpo
Two card transpo? Meh. How about a two DECK transpo?! And it's not the decks themselves that switch places, but their CONDITION. (This one sounds a little odd written out, but we know you'll enjoy it.)

Time Prediction
A methodically crafted method allows you to easily reveal both a thought-of playing card and a precise time (which is written on the card).

The classic mentalism trick is applied to a single deck of cards as you tell the tale of a fateful Poker game from your past. Your audience freely guides the story, correctly naming not only the outcome of the game but the winning card and the time the game took place.

Paper Bag Triumph
You place a deck of cards in a paper bag and give it to your spectator to shake. It creates a massive mess! Cards are up-side down, face-to-face, back-to-back and everything in between. Your spectator is asked to name any card. Instantly and impossibly, every card in the deck returns to face the same way again. All except for the precise card they freely named!

Do as I Do
Your spectator turns a card over in the deck, out of sight and under the table. You do the same. Against all odds, the two cards match. This effect gives a major upgrade to the classic of card magic by allowing the magician to remove their car first.

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